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Environmental Services  
Environmental Consultancy

The Eco Group has developed a proactive approach to environmental compliance support for our clients. Our expertise is showcased in monitoring the regulatory developments on our clients behalf and anticipating the most appropriate response options to assist in meeting the environmental obligations. At the same time by coming up with latest technologies, we also assist the greater cause by maintaining the cleaner environment.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The Eco Groups Company  ECO CHEM SALES AND SERVICE is accredited by QCI/NABET to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) studies. Our experience in conducting the EIA studies since 1990 allows us to boast a seamless experience for the clients and one-shot clearance and EIA report acceptance at the State Level Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) and  Ministry of Environment and Forests.

ECO CHEM SALES AND SERVICE also owns and operates a NABL approved laboratory. This helps us provide full scale one stop EIA services to our clients.

Legal Environmental Compliances

Environmental legislation is getting stringent by the day. With the increasing awareness about greener environment, the procedures for attaining environmental clearances and maintaining environmental compliance has been made more stringent by the local and central environmental authorities. The Eco Group's Environmental Consultancy division focuses on assisting the clients for attaining the required approvals and maintaining compliance with respect to the pollution control boards at a local as well as central level.

Our expertise includes assisting in: 

Consent to Establish
Consent to Operate
Forest Clearances
CRZ Clearances
Environmental Clearances
Change in Product-Mix
General Environmental Consultancy

Our wealth of knowledge and experience assists the industries in focussing on their core competency of manufacturing while being rest assured that their environmental compliance will be taken care off in a completely procedural, environment friendly and legal manner.

Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Services

The Eco Group maintains a NABL accredited fully functioning laboratory which undertakes environment sampling and analysis projects for Water/Wastewater, Ambient Air, Stack Emission and Noise.

Our laboratory is facilitated with the skilled man-power as well as necessary instruments/equipments to carry out the following Sampling and testing

1. Water/Wastewater:
  i) Physico-Chemical Analysis, ii) Demand Analysis, iii) Heavy Metal Analysis, iv) Biological and Microbiological Testing and many other environmental parameters.
2. Stack Emission:
  i) Velocity, ii) Flow Measurement, iii) Particulate Matter, iv) Sulphur dioxide, v) Nitrogen Dioxide, vi) Carbon Monoxide, vii) Carbon Dioxide, viii) Oxygen, ix) Total Hydrocarbon, x) Ethyl Mercaptan, xi)HCl, xii) Cl2, xiii) HF, xiv) Ammonia and many other process emission parameters.
3. Ambient Air Quality:
  i) Particulate Matter  PM2.5, PM10, SPM, ii) Chemical Characterization of iii) Sulphur dioxide, iv) Nitrogen Dioxide, v) Carbon Monoxide, vi) Carbon Dioxide, vii) Oxygen, viii) Total Hydrocarbon, ix) Ethyl Mercaptan, x)HCl, xi) Cl2, xii) HF, xiii) Ammonia and many other process emission parameters.
4. Sludge Analysis:
  i) Physico-Chemical Analysis, ii) Demand Analysis, iii) Heavy Metal Analysis
5. Soil Analysis:
  i) Physico-Chemical Parameters, ii) Metal Analysis, iii) Texture Class

Laboratory is also engaged in conducting Treatability Studies on effluent of various types of industries like Dairy, Textile, Leather and Tanning, Metal etc. On the basis of treatability study, optimum dosages of coagulation and flocculation chemicals are also calculated by our experts.

Environmental Audits

As per the directive of Honourable High Court Oder, environmental audits are required to be carried out every year for the industrial units, under the Environmental Audit Scheme.
The Eco Group is a registered Environmental Auditor and undertakes Environment Audits for approximately 45 industries every year. The team of expertise includes Environment Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Environment Scientist, and Microbiologist.


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